The Importance and How to use a Whizzinator in a Drug Test

Drug test has become a norm in various countries and institutions.  And in most cases the human urine excreted from the body its believed to offer and contain all forms of body excretion. Thus if one is forced to undergo  test of a particular drug substance and knows without a clever way he/she will be caught up , a whizzinator it's the best tool to use. Learn more about First Aid Synthetic Urine.

A whizzinator it's a package of various items such as synthetic urine (fake urine which consist urea and uric acid), heater pack, syringe and a manual on how to use.  It's highly used when one wants to pass a drug test and help them to prepare the fake urine. The synthetic urine can be used by both the male and the female.  One has to prepare the synthetic urine. Preparation involves mixing the 90mls of water vial gold'n shower. You also need to heat the mixture for 15 minutes to 98 degrees Fahrenheit where they are within the bag. Whizzinator reservoirs are of different designs and are of two type's i.e. the whizzinator and the whizzinator.

The whizzinator has got on and off nobs to control the passage of the synthetic urine.  Thus you are forced to use both hands to control the passage of the synthetic urine. It's a bit cumbersome. Thus an upgrade is through the whizzinator  it's reservoir bag is designed in such a way that it  has got touch sensitive valves that enables you to turn on and off the nobs as the urine passage.

While the real whizzinator works the same as type but got touch sensitive internal pinch valve. The whizzinator type has got nobs or valves that are used to control the urine passage.  Pinch of the valve shaft enables the urine to pass through and stopping the pinch indicates also the stop of the artificial urine passage. Explore more about Whizzinator for sale.

The main difference between the male and female whizzinator is that for female whizzinator it uses a plastic bladder through the fake male genitals that helps you to release the urine while taking the test. But the male one has just the male genitals and the valve part only.
Whizzinator its termed to be the best where ones want to safely bypass drug test without necessary asking natural urine from friends or family members. Its fast, clean and hygienic and this makes it the safest means.
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